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May be used with Geodesic Foam resins, plaster,
or Hydrocal. Some are of an irregular
shape. These are all made of the highest
quality pure latex rubber available and they
can be used many times without damaging the
detail surface. All sizes are approximate and in inches.
Illustrations show finished castings made from the molds.
1 10x27 Finely detailed layered rock.$55.00
2 10X13 Coarse layered rock.$25.00
3 6X12 Retaining wall. Random stone.HO-O scales$22.00
4 5X12 Finely detailed layered rock.$21.00
5 9X10 Finely detailed layered rock.$21.00
6 3X6 Retaining wall. Random stone. N-HO scales$12.00
7 3X6 Retaining wall. Even, cut stone.$12.00
9 7X14 Retaining wall. Cut stone. =>1/2 in. scale$25.00
11 7X15 Finely textured broken limestone.$22.00
14 8X10 Coarse wind/water carved sandstone$15.00
15 6X12 Finely textured broken limestone.$18.00
16 7X8 Broken layered stone.$15.00
17 11X13 Retning wall Rndm stone w/column buttress 1/2in scale$35.00
buttress. 1/2 in. scale.
18 6X15 Coarse layered rock.$22.00
19 9X12 Fine layered, weathered stone$18.00
20 7X12 Angular broken rock granite limestone.$18.00
21 7X8 Coarse broken or blasted stone.$15.00
23 2X6 Retaining wall Random flagstn HOtoO scales$7.00
24 5X12 Retaining wall Random cut stn HOtoO scales$22.00
26 2X4.5 Retaining wall Random stone NtoHO scales$7.00
27 2.5X5 Smooth weathered, layered rock$7.00
28 4X8 Broken limestone out crop.$18.00
30 15X23 Smooth, detailed broken cliff face$40.00
34 10X12 Coarse broken rock$22.00
35 10X12 Coarse broken rock$22.00
36 9X12 Broken and layered rock$22.00
37 8X9 Finely detailed broken rock$18.00
38 10X12 Smooth broken, layered rock$25.00
39 7X11 Weathered limestone$18.00
40 5X10 Finely detailed weathrd rock w/ fault lines$18.00
42 7X9 Medium textured broken rock$15.00
43 8X9 Medium textured broken rock$18.00
44 8X8 Cracked limestone$15.00
45 9X23 Finely detailed broken limestone$35.00
46 8X19 Weathered limestone$35.00
47 6X11 Finely detailed broken rock smooth one side$18.00
50 6X18 River bank sandstone$30.00
51 5X16 River bank sandstone$22.00
54 11X28 Finely detailed broken cliff face.$35.00
56 15X18 Smooth broken rock$30.00
57 12X32 Coarse detailed broken rock$50.00
59 16X34 Coarse detailed broken cliff$60.00
60 4X5 Fine detailed, weathered & layered out crop$15.00
61 9X12 Finely detailed layered rock$25.00
62 5X7 Finely detailed broken rock$12.00
64 4X7 Broken granite or limestone out crop$18.00
65 7X10 Broken angular rock$18.00
66 8X12 Weathered layered sandstone$22.00
67 9X16 Weathered, layered and faulted sandstone$30.00
69 6X10 Finely detailed layered rock Basalt,limestn$18.00
70 2X5 Finely detailed angular broken rock$7.00
71 3X6 Finely detailed weathered, layered rock$12.00
72 3.5X7.5 Random stone retaining wall. HO to O scales$15.00
73 3.5X15 Random stone retaining wall. HO to O scales$22.00
74 3X6 Random flagstone retaining wall HOtoO scale$12.00
75 9X25 Detailed broken layered rock w/ fault lines$50.00
76 5.5X11 Finely detailed broken and layered rock$18.00
77 5X12 Finely detailed broken and layered rock$18.00
79 5X9 Broken granite or limestone out crop$18.00
80 8X11 Highly detailed coarse broken rock.$20.00
81 5X23 Fine,detailed layered sandstone/shale/slate$30.00
Same detail and scale as # 82 below.
82 8X12 Fine,detailed layered sandstone/shale/slate$25.00
83 9X10 Broken, cross faulted angular rock face.$20.00
84 7X13 Rock face w/intersect faults.$20.00
85 10X13 Deep textured high/low relief cliff face$40.00
Extraordinary detail.
86 8X18 High relief broken layered rock.$35.00
87 15X24 Smooth / broken / smooth faulted cliff face$55.00
88 8X19 High relief broken layered rock.$40.00
89 18X24 High relief granite cliff face.$55.00
90 32X24 Exfoliated, arch patterned, granite cliff face.$60.00
91 32X24 Weathered granite cliff face.$60.00
92 14X20 Weathered sandstone cliff face$40.00
93 12X26 High relief broken sandstone$50.00
101 12X27 Fine detailed layered shale$55.00
102 10X13 Course layered rock$25.00
103 6X12 Retaing wall Random stone HO to O scale$22.00
104 4X11 Fine detailed layered shale$20.00
105 7X9 Deep texture fractured face layered rock$18.00
106 3X6 Retaining wall Random stone N to HO scale$12.00
111 6X11 Finely textured broken limestone$20.00
115 5X10 Finely textured broken limestone$20.00
117 7X11 Retning wall Rndm stone w/column buttress 1/2in scale$25.00
119 7X8 Finely textured broken limestone$18.00
122 15X29 Fractured granite face$55.00
123 15X26 Fractured layered rock cliff$55.00
125 8X14 Smooth face Cross faulted cracks$22.00
126 8X11 Rugged broken limestone or sandstone$25.00
127 8X14 Broken faulted limestone$30.00
128 12X11 Highly detailed rugged layered outcrop$30.00
129 12X21 Highly detailed fine to course rock$40.00
130 9X14 Rugged broken limestone or sandstone$30.00
131 15X31 Granite face course outcrop - talus slope one edge$55.00
132 15X14 Rugged broken limestone or sandstone$40.00
133 6X5 Basalt or granit plug or spire - Extraordinary detail$18.00
134 4X3 Bridge abutment stepped - HO to On3 scales$18.00
135 18X28 Course broken rock face - Deep detail$55.00
136 18X28 Granite cliff face with smooth to course detail$55.00
138 11X29 Course broken layered rock$55.00
141 8X36 Course broken layered rock$55.00
142 5X36 Medium-fine broken layered rock$55.00
143 13X30 Medium-course broken layered rock$55.00
144 21X38 Layered cliff face with medium to course detail$70.00
152 6X17 Fine to medium angular layered rock$30.00

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