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About Bragdon

About Bragdon Enterprises

Bragdon Enterprises is owned and operated by Joel and Jenny Bragdon in Georgetown, California. We have been in the model scenery manufacturing business since 1979.

We have exhibited in hundreds of national and regional model railroad conventions and shows across the United States. At nearly every show we present workshops and clinics on model scenery construction, mold making and casting and weathering models.

Joel Bragdon graduated from California State University, Sacramento with majors in art and art history with a minor in geology. Joel also completed his Masters Degree in Art. Joel taught for several years then worked for two decades as a ceramist and ceramic chemist.

Jenny Bragdon also graduated from California State University, Sacramento. Jenny taught for several years. She then worked as an artist until Bragdon Enterprises began operations

2960 Garden Tower Ln. Georgetown Ca 95634
Ph: 530-333-1365 Fax: 530-333-1051

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