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Bragdon Enterprises offer custom Geodesic Foam Scenery services. Smaller projects can be built in our shop and the finished product shipped to the customer. Larger or non portable projects need to be built on site.

Geodesic Foam Scenery construction progresses at a pace many times faster than with plaster or other traditional scenery construction methods and materials. Our jobs are finished quickly and with as little disruption to the customer as possible. In one instance our customer had originally planned to build his scenery with plaster and had estimated that it would take four years to complete. Instead he hired Bragdon Enterprises to build in Geodesic Foam Scenery. With the aid of a small crew of his relatives and friends, 69% of the project was completed in only seven days! Also, the materials that we use are odorless and create very little mess.

We can build all or part of your model scenery and we can work on projects that have already begun. We can work alone or with assistance from the customer or his/her crew. Included in the price of our service is the use of our vast collection of rubber rock molds (valued at $6000.00+) while we are on site. This feature can save the customer hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

We have worked on many custom scenery projects and have photos of the jobs and references. If you are interested in using our custom services please write or call for a consultation.

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